Monday, November 22, 2010



I found these wonderful wool plaid blankets awhile ago 
and they have been sitting in my "studio" waiting to be 
re-discovered when the weather turned cold.

Well, the weather has certainly turned cold these last few days
and after spending some time pondering the use of a stack of wool blankets
I realized I couldn't use all of them at the same time.
This really didn't sound like a bad idea though since
it was pretty darn cold out, only going to get colder
and I have a cold but that felt a little to much
like the princess and the pea for me.

I realized that maybe the next best thing to snuggling under one of these
beauties was to snuggle on top of or on one.
Pillows it would be.

My mom and I set up a little cottage industry like assembly
line and made these lovely's right up.

28ea. at Found on Fremont

They were all finished and that evening I went downstairs 
and found my husband cuddling up with them on his sofa
in his man cave.
I asked him what he thought and he said he loved them and
that they looked great on his coach.
I had to inform him that they were for the shop and he 
sadly said, "So, your telling me I shouldn't get to attached to them?"
Yes, honey don't be getting to attached.
He regrettably gave them back to me and to the shop they go on Wednesday.

I think they will make a warm addition to our Holiday set up.


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liz said...

Love Plaid pillows made from blankets . . . perfect for this time of year!!! xo - liz