Thursday, November 18, 2010


Great news,
We are expanding.
That's right Bee & Mason is expanding.
Not our waist lines, well hopefully not that.
No, our little shop in shop at Found on Fremont is growing.
The girls gave us a call the other day and informed us 
that the space next to us was being vacated and would we want to 
expand our space.

I called Meeghn right away and left her a very lengthy, rambling 
message with the news of the great opportunity that had been given us.
We both spoke with our husbands and this morning decided to give it a whirl.
We are very excited but also very nervous.
This is a bigger commitment than what we are already have.
We love the idea of being able to really express our ideas and creativity
and also share more treasures with all of you
but to be honest we are nervous.
This means more space, which means more treasures to find,
more time to commit and more money. 
We both have very full time jobs that keep both of us extremely busy.
All very honest concerns.

But what we realized is that we both love
Bee & Mason.
It brings us so much joy and peace
that we couldn't turn down this opportunity.
We wouldn't know if we could do it if we didn't try.
That's how we started this whole thing in the first place.
Take a risk and if it doesn't work you can always go back.
If it works, holy moly look out there is no stopping these two girls.

We go in on Wednesday to set up for the holidays
and can't wait to merchandise the space with all
the wonderful treasures we have been collecting and have been given 
to us by friends and family wanting to help and support our habit.

So, look out these two girls are growing
not just literally but also figuratively.

We promise to post pics of the space after Wednesday.

Here we go!


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