Monday, November 29, 2010


I remember it fondly.
My dad always bought us a Advent calendar.
My sister and I looked forward to every morning when we got
to open another day on the calendar and there was
always a piece of chocolate.
Now we only got one calendar that we had to share.
Usually we would swap every other day to open a window
and we always split the piece of chocolate.
This worked pretty well.
If we didn't share my dad got the chocolate and let me tell you
we weren't going to let that happen.

Similar to what we had as kids.

I started thinking if I were to hang a Advent calendar
today what would it look like.

Love the use of old lace.

What if you used old burlap bags and vintage flour sacks.

Use a different language for December each day.

Could you use old school pennants?

If not artistic what about old cards, stamps or kids artwork.

Love the rustic feel (from Pottery Barn)

We all have old trinkets laying around, make ornaments and assign them to days on the calendar.

What would yours look like?


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