Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I stayed home today due to a nasty chest cold
that made it almost impossible to breath.
I haven't move much, mainly between my bed,
the coach in the living room and the love seat in my bedroom.
As I have laid here I realized other than my own bedroom,
which I may say is pretty darn cozy and a nice place
to have to be sick in, is there a bedroom out there I wouldn't mind being sick in.
Let me tell you there are not a lot of them.

First of all, I don't like a super cluttered bedroom but I do like 
things that are personal to myself and my husband.
I must have books in my room, and no tv.
A lap top or discrete computer is fine you never know when you
may have the urge to blog.
I am not partial to things hanging above my head. This must come
from years living in earthquake country. A little paranoid I guess.
Here is what I found for my mood today.

all images Elle Decor

Stay healthy

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