Friday, September 24, 2010


Since we started this endeavor I have been obsessed with tables.
It doesn't matter the size it just has to look and feel right.
See, the problem began when we first set up our space
at Found on Fremont and had no table.

It is really hard to make an impactful presentation 
without a flat service. 
A mason jar doesn't look so good sitting on the floor.
You know what I am talking about.

Anyway, every sale I go to I look for tables.
Well today was going to be my table day. 
I decided this once I spied a stack of tables in a picture for an estate sale.
This was it. I just knew.

I was #10 on the list.
This is a good number. 
Nice and round, divisible by 2 and the first birthday
with a double digit number.

We were all lined up and they opened the doors.
I was off.
There she was in all her glory just waiting for me.
I slapped a sold sticker on her and well everything else I  found
this morning was icing on my table cake.

Here are the pics of my new sweetheart and all her little friends
that came home with me.

Farm Kitchen table/120

Children's wooden blocks/2 ea.

Blue metal sewing container/28

Christmas houses/3-8

Alpenrose Dairy Milk box/30
I love days where everything you find you just want to keep.
My house just isn't big enough.
Oh well.
I know someone out there needs a darling farm kitchen table
and I will be again on the hunt.


P.S. See you at Barn House and Vintage Gathering tomorrow. I'll be shopping with the girls.

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gretchen said... the table, the two drawers and the pull outs make it better than good!