Friday, September 3, 2010


When I got home today I found two large boxes on my front porch.
Now, I knew these were coming but didn't realize how big they would be
and how many treasures would be found in them.
They came from my best friend and long time junker, Marcia.
She lives in Minnesota and has always loved good junk.
Many a summer we have walked a flea market or two.
We have supported each others junk habits for many years.

When I told her that we were starting Bee and Mason she decided 
it was a good excuse to clean out her basement.
I thought this was a good idea to.
Marcia has an eye for beautiful junk and at good prices.
I have seen her basement.
There are many a treasure down there.

I couldn't wait to share these so thought I would post a few pictures
of the goodies she sent.

A small selection of flower pics she sent
We found this for her daughter many moons ago
There seems to be a floral theme

We have gotten so much support and love from family and friends for 
Bee and Mason.
I can't say thank you enough.
Love you all!


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