Sunday, September 12, 2010


I know it is not officially fall yet
but the weather has been saying otherwise of late.
We have had rain, cold, clouds and sun this week.
I believe we have entered Indian Summer early this year.
I'm ok with this as long as it is sunny  during the day.
I am not ready for the grey , cloudy, cold, wet days.
Not yet!

But I have decided that in order to make the transition a little easier
I needed to embrace the weather change and
the best way for me to do this is to add some fall touches to
our home.
Now I do mean a few I am not about to go all out yet. 
I'm still eating peaches and nectarines from the local farmers market for goodness sake.

I went for colors of orange, blue and brown with the elements of pewter and wood.

Here are the vintage kimono silk pillows I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.
My Hydrangeas are still blooming
Kindling ready for a cool night with a fire 
Fall and I are going to be ok.
As long as the sun keeps shining  for a little longer it will all be good.


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