Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I generally try to keep my posts about vintage, treasures we find,
the shop and all things possibly related to all of the above which made
my decision to write about food today a personal one, but then
I remembered that cake well a very specific type of cake is, well
vintage per se. 
It is an old family recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation.
It is a traditional cake for birthdays in our family.
My sister and I have practically gotten one for every one of our birthdays.
That's a lot of cake.
Now my mom makes them for my nephew and the tradition continues.

It isn't your typical cake made with eggs, flour, baking powder etc. but one that contains
white wine in it.
It is made of a thousand layers (not literally but close), boiled condensed milk(which tastes and looks like caramel) and white meringue.
It has to sit for a couple of days before eating so that it ages just right.
I know that sounds odd but really it doesn't taste right if you don't. 

It is called a Mil Hojas cake.
It is a traditional cake from Chile which is where my mommy is from. 
I took pictures of the process so you could see it for yourself. 
It is really quite a wonderful cake and always, always puts a smile on my families faces.

My mommy

15 layers

Adding caramel

Before you squish it down.

After you squish it down.

Two more days and we can dig in.
I wish you all could taste it . It really is so yummy.
Can't wait.

Thanks for letting me share one of my favorite family traditions.



liz said...

wow . . . this cake looks amazing!!! And I love the picture of your mom!!! :)

Quite honestly . . . I simply love a "personal post" every once in awhile :) I am so glad you shared this!!! . . . liz

Marcia said...

Ohhh, looks delicious!

Jason said...

What a great picture of Maria :)