Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inside a home....

There are so many wonderful images and sites on the Internet 
of beautiful homes and spaces 
that I think we sometimes fall out of touch 
with the reality of a home.
Not our home, these we are very aware of but what 
others homes look like in their true state,
not staged or re-propped for the photo shoot but
lived in.

This can be dangerous because we start holding our own homes
to the same standards we see in all the pretty pictures
which just isn't feasible
in the everyday scheme of life.
We have kids, dogs, spouses
and very, very busy schedules that the idea
that our homes will always look pristine, perfectly organized,
decorated just perfectly and with no dust is ridiculous.

There are two sites that I find refreshing amongst all the perfect.
I find it so refreshing to see inside a home of a creative person
who decorates to live in not to live around.
The photography is beautiful and thoughtfully shot.
It can be inspirational but also at times it makes me 
look at my own home and suddenly find it to 
seem pristine, organized, decorated just so and with minimal dust.

I can use the reminder that perfect isn't always perfect but in the eye of the beholder.

Here are some images from both sites.
Love the chaos controlled by the order of color
Light versus dark
Color, texture and warmth


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