Monday, August 6, 2012

What's your color?

Everybody has a color or two they gravitate to,
and when we decorate our little nests we sometimes
pop them in to our rooms but more often then not we
shy away from adding color
because we aren't sure how or if it will look good even if
it is our absolute favorite color and can't imagine life
without it.

Here's what I say, throw it in! Start with some pillows
or a throw rug; pull in some small pieces that might have
some of that favorite color in it and then when you are
feeling confident and realize you can make this work
buy a piece of furniture in your favorite color; paint a wall
or two in it or find a rug popping with color.

I know, you are thinking that's easier said then done, but
really people it's not that hard, it's your favorite color just
remember baby steps if needed then go for the gusto.
You'll love it and everyday when you walk through your
little nest you will smile because it's your favorite color.

So, what's your favorite color?

tango orange...







Tell me, inquiring minds want to know what is your favorite color in your nest?



Anonymous said...


Ashley said...

I like to use Green!!!

♥ Ashley

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