Wednesday, August 1, 2012

studio space...

my Mr O decided he was done with his man cave
in the basement and wanted to change things up
in how some of the rooms in our house were set up.

at first I was confused and then he threw out this
idea about turning the basement into my studio space.
well, I don't have to tell you what a good idea I thought
this was and you didn't have to ask me twice if I thought
it was a good idea.

my brain has been spinning with ideas on how I
want to set up and style the space. It will become
office space, design space, sewing space and storage space.
yes, it's that big. Of course it is going to be filled with
as much vintage I can find for it (I've already raided
my inventory for some pieces). Now the big question
became what look or style would I use...

well, I think I have landed on an industrial, rustic, primitive
style with lots of woods and metals. I haven't settled on the
pop color yet, leaning towards yellow but I did just buy the
coolest metal industrial blue stool for the table I want to make.

anyway, next week I am off so plan on doing some work
on the space and will chronicle the journey.

some of my inspiration:



Andy's Attic said...

You will hae so much fun putting it all together!!! You don't even have to do it all at once. Leave some space for later when you run into a devine find you can't resist!! :>)

melanie said...

oh...I just loved that blue stool...if there is anything that you are looking for to complete your space...I will keep an eye out for you!
so happy for you...