Monday, August 29, 2011


i had been wanting to spruce up our living room
for awhile but just didn't feel inspired or creative.
inspiration hit on sunday.

here is how it turned out.

dining room before

dining room after.

dining room table before

dining room table after
and yes those are potatoes.
they came from our yard, my mom's and father-in-law.
they are in season and i love the shapes and colors.
why not, right?

the living room before

the mantel after

more of the living room after.

well, what do you think?
i am quite happy with it and my husband loves it to.
sometimes you just have to go with it when inspiration hits.



BirdSong said...

There is something about a show that really inspires you to spruce up your nest!! It looks terrific and your "flair" is everywhere.

Those Sunflowers look alot like the ones Georgia had.....she was trying to steal my new mailbox to put them in......
Love ya, sue xoxo

Andy's Attic said...

Very warm and cozy. The fresh flowers always add such a great touch and compliment your decor. It looks great!

melanie said... I recognize a certain "necktie" box?
love the befores...and the afters...your house is just so lovely!