Friday, August 5, 2011


this is a first,
i am having a garage sale.
some call it a yard sale others a tag sale,
either way it's going to be good.

i have had garage sales in the past
but only of personal stuff.

but i really need to clean out some inventory
and i figured the best way to go about it
would be to have a bit of a yard sale.

 so tomorrow Saturday, August 6th
from 9-3
3129 NE 65th Ave
Portland, OR

Bee & Mason will be having a yard sale.

so if you are in the neighborhood
swing by and find a treasure or two.
be sure to say hi if you do.
wish me luck!
hope to see you tomorrow.


1 comment:

melanie said...

I am so glad I am at the beach but so sad to miss your sale- I've seen your garage- you'll have a great sale!! Lots of luck-