Wednesday, August 24, 2011


only home two days and i have to tell you
i have been quite the busy bee
getting things spruced up, organized and set up
for our very first 
Carriage House Vintage Market
to celebrate our first birthday.

it has been a long list of to do's....
but i am checking things off
and seeing a shorter list to face.
my husband has been a huge help
and i have to say it would be so much more
stressful and definitely less fun with out his support.

tomorrow the real fun starts.
i get to do one of the parts
i love to do...
the set up!

i admit i am very excited
but have to admit a little nervous.
it's kind of like planning a party
and worrying no one will come
one of those deep, dark fears
from childhood.
no one will like you or even worse
no one picks you to be on their team.
i know it will be all fine but still,
there is that little nagging feeling.

what ever happens will happen
and it will be all good.
if nothing else we will have some good 
ol' fashion vintage fun.

See you all either Friday or Saturday
or even better yet both days.
bring a friend or two.



BirdSong said...

Never fear!! Annette and I are coming!!! See you Friday night!! Sue xoxo

Marcia said...

I will be there in spirit!