Sunday, January 16, 2011


i seem to be infatuated with the color pink...
it might be because valentines is coming...
or the fact i need a little color in my life, 
it has been awfully grey out side.
anyways i went looking for images that are just
pretty in pink....
and  found a few that spoke to my need for pink.
basket full of posies

vogue 1950 , soft in pink

vogue 1950, pure elegance

whimsy in pink

love the fact it's pink but with a modern take

made for a princess

England in pink

a perfect marriage

i would gain to much weight because i would always be going to the fridge

Betsey Johnson does pink
all images found on Google image search


1 comment:

liz said...

Love "England in Pink"!! and the pink fridge is fantastic!! :) xoxo - liz