Saturday, January 1, 2011


There wasn't much I asked for from Santa this year
but there was one little present I would be more than happy
to have as the only gift under the tree this year.
I must have been a very good girl in 2010 because
my Santa gave me the one gift I really, really wanted.

A Sketchbook....
I haven't had one of these in a long time.
I use to keep one of sketches of my designs and clippings of
pictures of fashion that inspired me or I found to just be beautiful.
I felt like I needed to find my inspiration again and this
is how I find it easiest to organize or not organize those
ideas and inspirations.

I love to cut out pictures from magazines or print my own pictures I've taken.
I tape them in and write little notes about the images.
What is it I like about the photo...
What inspires me...
Ideas I might have...
Projects that could bloom...

I guess you can say the pages become my mood boards,
my story line...
I'm not the best drawer by far. In fact I wouldn't even agree that I can 
draw but I feel safe with these pages to make little sketches of my 
thoughts and ideas.

To see a book filled with just white, plane pages
of nothing might seem overwhelming even frightening
but for me it is a welcome friend.
...a place I can tell my little secrets 
no judgment is passed,
there is no other point of view,
no right or wrong...

Just my thoughts...
nothing more nothing less.

Thank you Santa!


1 comment:

liz said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post - it is definitely one of my favorites of yours!!! Soooo excited for you!

I keep dreaming of having all my image files in one place . . . they are EVERYWHERE!!! - lol :)

by the way . . . I received the Blackbird Bakery cookbook from Santa - Love it - am sooo excited to bake something!!

Happy New Year!! - xoxo - liz