Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have had a fetish of sorts or maybe it's more like an obsession lately for 

It's the poor man's silver.
I love the patina and the warmth the metal exudes.
You feel like you can actually use it and you 
never have to polish it (not that I ever polish my silver).

It is an alloy of mostly tin with a little copper (no hints of this in it's beautiful
cloudy, grey color), antimony and sometimes lead.

If it's an antique piece it is best to find out if it has lead,
if you are unsure it's recommended you don't use it for food or beverages.
Don't fret there are other uses.

It's easy to care for, keep it dusted and if it does get dirty wash it in warm 
water with mild soap. Simple.

warmth of wood and pewter

on display

tea anyone

pink and pewter the perfect marriage

pewter plates and primitive white


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