Monday, January 24, 2011

In Mass....

I was in Santa Monica all last week for work
and a little bit of R&R.
Trust me the R&R was well deserved.
But that's boring.

The real reason for this post 
is this amazing store we found on Abbot Kinney in Venice.
It was absolutely spectacular.
Pure candy for the eyes.

They have merchandising in mass down pat.
This place showed almost everything in multiples.
Multiple cake plates, pitchers, chandeliers,
linens, suitcases, tins and the list goes on.
It was beautiful.

 I admit a little scary too since there really wasn't
much space to walk. You had to carry your purse
down at your side in extreme fear you would
send a pile of something crashing to the ground.
They had both vintage and reproduction.

I wish I could tell you their name. 
It might be Bob's Hardware or that could have been
a sign out front for sale, who knows.
We couldn't find a business card either.
If you happen to know would you tell us. 

Enough of me yammering
here are the pics.

Front of the store

Clear glass cake plates

Pink on the table, white in the wall

Green and turquoise gone wild
Ladies chatting


Blue stripes
Caged Pitchers
Take a seat

Tins galore

wrought iron chandeliers
It was a breathtaking store and insperational 
to boot.


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Anonymous said...

can't wait to find it it looks amazing. I will be there mid Feb. Love your Blog! xoxo l.yank