Sunday, July 15, 2012


i think as we get older the farther we
get from being a kid and i don't mean
chronologically i mean there seems to
be a cultural expectations that we need
to be all "adult".
there isn't anything wrong being adult
it's a good thing but sometimes i think
we just need to get in touch with our
kid side.
have you ever noticed how much fun they
get to have.
i've been thinking maybe we need to
take a kid approach to decorating,
not to the whole space but adding  a little
whimsy to your space can bring
an unexpected surprise to a room,
add a conversational starter and make
you smile. 

next time you look around and feel
you need to change things up in your
home look for a way to add some


 a playground spring ride toy...

a animal lamp...


the perfect nap spot...


 hang your favorite dress...


what ever it is, have fun
and add what ever it is that will
make you smile everyday.



Andy's Attic said...

Love the whimsey!!

melanie said...

oh yes...more like a child...I'm game...but please, don't tell John...he's got the "like a child" down pat :)...