Monday, July 9, 2012

wall color...

my Mr. O has decided he wants to paint his music room.
i think it's a great idea since it's been the same color for 8 years...
a lovely English mushy pea green.
that sounds worse than it is, it's actually has a masculine elegance to it.

he's asked me my opinion (isn't that sweet, it's his room after all)
and i am going back in forth between
dark and mood or
light and airy.

we have a 1917 Arts & Crafts bungalow so the rooms
are on the smaller side but lots of windows and detail.

now imagine a room with a big leather chair (this belongs to the dogs),
mahogany bookcases and a sheet music cabinet and the piano.
in all of this is stacks and stacks of music books and sheet music.
of course a bust of beethoven sits on top of the piano overseeing it all.

now that you have a picture in your head here are a couple of examples
of wall colors i am thinking:




darker grey:

warm cream:


so what do you think?
keep in mind there is little wall and a lot of doors and windows.

love your thoughts as i am torn.



-Marcia said...

Love the deep plum, so rich and warm.

melanie said...

dark and moody....I love love that idea...that is what I am doing in our dining room...but I do love the grays, too...

Andy's Attic said...

Being a lover of light I would go with cream.....