Thursday, July 19, 2012

the loo...

there are so many rooms in a house
and we talk about them all the time
except for the bathroom; this one we
tend not to want to address.
so often people do "up" their
bathrooms in white.  don't get me
wrong i like a white loo, there is something
so fresh about a white loo but it's usually
one of the smallest rooms in the house
which means you can try anything and
if you don't like it it won't take much
to change it.
i have a pink tub in my bathroom with white
tile so what wall there was got a coat of
pink paint. it's fun and whimsical and
my mr. "O" doesn't mind. he likes the
fun of the pink.

here are a few to inspire your loo:

so try something fun or different
then you normally would and
see what happens.



Ashley said...

Ohh I love the one with the bike! ♥ Ashley

Andy's Attic said...

Our master bath is tourquoise and the guest bath is the one room I redo all the time. Seasonal changes and just because changes. It's fun.

hairdressing equipment said...

I love that one with the black and white one. Its modern and contemporary. Thanks for sharing.