Sunday, February 12, 2012


i don't know where to begin....
what started as an innocent morning of junking
with my friend, Amy,
turned into an episode
of American Pickers.

it was the concrete birdbath that started
it all....
a quick u-turn through the parking lot
of a sex shop and across a large intersection,
we landed in the shangri-la of

we couldn't believe what we stumbled on...
piles and i do mean piles of junk, and good junk too!

a little frightened of what might crawl out 
we treaded lightly but surprisingly
we saw none...more like thank god we didn't' see anything...
especially since Amy promised to run over me if we saw something.

our truck was already full so we needed another.
this required a few calls, texts and as usual
John came to our rescue.
this really was just an excuse to buy more. 

flea market, thrift stores and shangri-la 
and it made for a perfect day of junking. 

Good Sam Hospital WWII Nurses cape

new, well not really new, Catholic Enthronement certificate

Victorian fashion plate

primitive barn

radio tubes

good and rusty farmyard

yellow ware bowl

it was a zinger of a day. 
thanks amy!



Lavender Hill Cottage said...

omg love the scale. Don't you love suprise days like that.

Andy's Attic said...

What a day!!! the nurses cape. So glad you had such a great day!!

melanie said...

Looks amazing! so fun! great finds...I'm jealous!