Wednesday, December 15, 2010


There is a "flea"market once a month in Portland
I try to never miss for many reasons,
but one of them is you never know what kind of 
treasure you are going to find on the $1 tables.
Really, there are $1 tables with the most wonderful treasures.

This time I found wonderful kitschy Christmas, old
Christmas cards and these lovely beauties.


Hand crocheted, bottle cap grapes with leaves and all.
I couldn't believe it and in the most amazing condition.
I bought almost all of them and in the process had a lovely
conversation with a man who's friend loves textile and craft
history and had taught himself how to make these.
He begged me to buy them all before his friend saw how cheap
they were. I obliged.

They are now going to be a Christmas present for someone
(can't tell you who incase she reads this)
and I kept the little red one. It fit into the current
decor of the house.

I know I should probably put these in the shop 
but sometimes you just have to treat yourself.


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