Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I can't spell to save my life 
well maybe to save my life 
but the dictionary on my iphone is a good friend
and spell check, well have no idea what we did with out it.

I was out shopping for the store this weekend and came across 
an old dictionary that looked like it was the good companion of a young girl.

Copy write 1926

They were friends for at least 5 years.

She got it as a gift when she was 12

Age 17

When you look at it you imagine she may have even treated
it like a diary of sorts. 
It is well loved and respected. 
True friends.

She wrote in handwriting each word at the top of most pages.

The only thing colored in were plants and flowers. Did she have a love for plants?

A lost art.
A dictionary, hard bound in leather, 
filled with that onion skin thin paper with a beautiful font
opening the secrets of the English language. 

What secrets it must have held for her.


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