Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love the fact that we are all creative in some form or fashion.
After my post last week about Advent calendars
I got two text messages from my sister 
sharing our own family creativity for Advent.

The first came from my 6 year old nephew, Tyler.
He decided he wanted to make his own Advent wreath.

He made it from things he found in the yard and around the house.
Once he finished it he presented it to his mom as their 
advent wreath for the Christmas season.

The second text was a photo of a advent calendar 
my mom made for my nephew.
My sister had seen something similar and had 
asked my mom if she could make one.
So she did.

She knitted each mitten and then strung them up.
My sister puts a little treat each day in the next mitten.
There is one a little larger than the rest, this one happens to 
be on Tyler's birthday.
I've asked my mom for one for my own house for next Christmas.
She might even knit some extra for Bee & Mason
so you can have one to.


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