Saturday, May 12, 2012


lately i keep reading, seeing and hearing about peoples
i wondered, what do i collect....
other then weight?
i realized i'm not a collector by nature
but there are a few things i tend to accumulate
unknowingly but i tend not to clump them together
in my home. they live organically through out.
maybe that's why i haven't noticed i do collect.

old  & vintage textiles....

then there are the collections i have inherited
(these tend to live together)

old wood cookie molds....
delft blue....
art reflective of anything dutch....

these were my dad's and i haven't added to them,
it feels like cheating or something.
these were his and should stay his 
even though they have become part of my life.

i looked around and found a few vintage collections
i could see getting obsessed about.






i can see how someone can get enthralled
with a item, the hunt for it and the thrill of the catch
all to bring it home amongst their other trophies.

what do you collect?
how do you display it in your home?

happy collecting!

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Andy's Attic said...

My largest is flower frogs. I have a large glass container of ceramic ones in the sunroom. In the potting shed is another large glass container with metal frogs. On a shelf I have figural frogs. And then they are just randomly placed around the house. Mexican baskets are piled high above the kitchen cabinets. Glass violin shaped vases top a book case, old whisk brooms fill a tray, motos on friendship are on a wall in the guest room. I could go on but that's enough for now :>)