Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Junking dogs...

I love this time of year for so many reasons.
One of my favorite is the appearance of free piles on 
sidewalks all over town.
I have found some of my best free junk pieces
either out running in the early morning or
out walking my dogs. 
Now my dogs seem to have a nose for good junk.
Really, they do.

Now that Laddy is gone I wasn't sure if Diesel
could do it on his own. They worked best as a team.
But my sweet ol' boy still has it in him, even solo.

Junk sniffing dog extraordinaire,  Diesel..

Pink cabinet doors and a drawer...

I'm thinking pink framed chalk boards and maybe a small cabinet
out of reclaimed wood and these as doors.
And well the drawer, you can always find a good use for a drawer
especially one in pink.

So, how did he do?
I'm pretty proud of my boy.

Let's hear it for Spring and Summer!



Andy's Attic said...

Let's here it for Diesel!!

melanie said...

Go Diesel!!!!
Yeah for the treasures...too cute in pink :)