Friday, October 19, 2012

Finding Inspiration...

Sometimes we just get stuck and can't find the spirit of inspiration.
It happens!
When this happens put down the usual magazines, shut down pinterest
and go for a walk.
That's right...
Go to a neighborhood with local boutiques, cafes and restaurants and
walk around, take a look at what's happening and how other people
are creating a comfortable and inspired space.

The other places I find inspirational is a city park or a busy corner and I
just hang out watching people. It's the best! You see trends in color,
pattern, hairstyles, tattoos. It's a world filled with inspiration out
there all you have to do is go find it and trust me it isn't always in
a magazine or on pinterest. I'm not saying you can't find it in those
places but sometimes you just have to get out and see it for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for.
Get going and be inspired

One of my favorite shops where I always find a little inspiration...
Flutter on Mississippi Ave.


Be inspired!

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Andy's Attic said...

I want to go to this shop one day. I hear about it and just need to get my act together and go to Portland.