Monday, June 18, 2012

Kids rooms...

my nephew has been visiting us
and who new one could get so tired playing.
not complaining...
we have so much fun and i truly do love
him to the ends of the world and back.

my house looks like a kid has been around...
this got me thinking how much fun it would
be to do a kids room with great vintage finds.

here is what i am thinking...

vintage laundry baskets for laundry, toys, blankets and pillows

locker baskets for what!

vintage desk and chair and the plates would even be fun,
pick a theme for the plates and display.

 these colorful library card catalog drawers would be great
for fun and whimsical storage.

 now seriously, what kid big or small wouldn't want to read
under the glow of the world.

the ultimate in fun and whimsy.
find their initials or spell their name.

maps are fascinating and educational...
perfect for some wall art.

old pant hangers to display their own art.

repurposed school lockers for books, clothes and toy storage.

how much fun could you have?
get them involved and hit the flea markets
and estate sales to find their own vintage treasures
for their rooms.

now enough work...
back to playing!



Andy's Attic said...

Thoses pictures are wonderful!! I would take the red lockers and put them in my living room. Happy you are having such fun!

melanie said...

OMG...where did you get the photos of the colorful drawers and globes? I am in LOVE!!!

dog training canberra said...

I so love what you did with the locker. It looks like a custom made. Truly wonderful.

sticker printing said...

I like how you think. You have such a creative mind. Re-using old stuff into a new way. Incredible.