Sunday, December 11, 2011


well, we finally got the tree up today.
we found the cutest little tree.
it's absolutely perfect!

here are the pictures promised.

the built-in in the dinning room

dinning room table with red and white stripes and pine cones

the lace doily runner i made and 
my wood cookie mold collection on the wall

mistletoe of course! xxxx

the living room in red, gold and cream 
with the santas standing watch on the mantel

the cute little tree
in half vintage, half new

hers and his elves in the bathroom

you can't forget the front door!

that is Christmas in our house this year!


1 comment:

Andy's Attic said...

I love it!! I am planning on a red and white theme this year so your table really looks great to me. And I call our home Pinecone Cottage so all your pinecones are right up my alley.. Love your sweet little tree!!