Saturday, November 19, 2011


a HUGE thank you to all 
who came out too support us at the 
Plucky Maidens Vintage Holiday Event

we can not thank you all enough.

as usual we met some fantastic people 
and had the pleasure of sharing the room with
some of the pluckiest vendors.

Just Chic
 The lovely gals of Just Chic.
The very plucky vendors 
who kept us laughing.

Lisa of ? because I left her business card
in my "office" box which is still on the truck.
but did you all know she is a writer of mystery books?
will we be characters in her next?

and Lola's who had the the most
lovely jewelery.

of course there were other plucky maidens...
so many that i barely got pictures of some
on our floor. 

Chris of Mack & Momma
with her wonderful smile.
mack & momma

Tawny and all her gorgeous jewelry.

Julie of ? (again, the card in the truck)...
she had the best collection of vintage Christmas.
i bought a vintage tree topper from her as well
as grabbing a few quick pics.

i really do need to get better at taking pictures
and not loosing cards so i can remember
all the amazing vendors i meet.

there were so many others that i just didn't
get to see or saw so quickly without my camera.
you just had to be there.

of course i remembered to snag a few of my own space....

a ransom of silver

colorful baubles


more cocktail accouterments

do you see a theme?

affordable housing....

gift tags

advent calendar hand knitted by my mom....

we had so much fun we really would have loved
another day to hang with all the lovely plucky folks.

a BIG thank you to my mom for hanging with me
and my Mr. O (the pluckiest guy around)
for schlepping my goodies up and down the stairs.

and of course we can't forget a special 
shout out to the pluckiest of maidens,
Pam & Maria
for putting on another fantastic show.



melanie said...

oh...I so wish I could have come and looks heavenly...and I love your affordable housing! Hope to see you soon!
Happy Thanksgiving...

Andy's Attic said...

It was so good to see you and your mom!! I love the pinecone dishes I got from you.....they are so perfect.