Monday, October 11, 2010


While in Europe the last two weeks
I got to see a lot of retail.
Some not so interesting others absolutely beautiful
you just wanted to move in.

One particular store caught my eye,
Some of you may know it from your own travels.
What I love about it is it's use of vintage and old items
to create an environment that evokes 
the old garment industry world.

They have a particular signature item you will find
in every window and in every one of their stores,
The Old Sewing Machine.
We happen to have one of these in our shop
and I always thought what a beautiful item
to have for it's artistry and history.

I can only imagine how long and how far the 
visual team of AllSaints had to go to find
so many vintage sewing machines.

I can hear them humming, imagine the many women
and maybe men who spent hours bent over them
sewing their families clothes, clients new wardrobes
and maybe mass producing garments in the garment
district of many of the large cities of the world.


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