Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog: Day one

Well, here it goes, my first time blogging. Weird. Never thought it would be me, but I'm excited because my girlfriend Meeghn and I are starting a new adventure together and it's called Bee & Mason.
We have been estate sale buddies for several years now and finally decided that we should do something about our habit.
We are pooling our collection of goodies together and opening a booth at Found on Fremont. This will give us an outlet for our habit. We love to junk and the better the deal, the better the goody, the happier we are. Really, it's that easy to put a smile on our faces.
Our space is scheduled to open the week of August 2nd. We will let you know when it is officially ready to be shopped. Meanwhile Meeghn is off to New York for work and hopefully a little shopping while I am heading North to the Barn House and Vintage Gatherings in Battleground next weekend.
Stay tune!


Poolatte said...

Hooray! So happy to have you, and that you are starting a blog!

Jason said...

Congrats Francisca!!!
I'm glad I'm not the only blogger :)
Love all the posts so far.