Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Vintage Gathering...

it was another amazing 
A Vintage Gathering!

we had so much fun
and loved seeing all of 
our favorite vendors
and customers.

a HUGE thank you
to all  who were able to come
out and support not just us
but the whole event.

you are the ones that make this
what it is.

this year i actually remembered
to make some time to take some 
pictures before everything
was sold.

Bee & Mason
(that's us)

then there was 
Ms Melanie of

one of our absolute
favorite neighbors to have
Ron & Wendy of
Vintage Market!

 our other neighbor,
Sarah and Pam of
new to AVG
but not to the vintage world.
these girls now how to bring it.

Denise of 
Junqee Soiree
was in the house as well.

if you look closely you will
see Michelle in the background
fluffing her already perfect space.

 Chris or better known as Momma
and Tawny
keeping Ms Bessie company this year.
These two ladies know how to have a good time.

and of course it wouldn't be 
A Vintage Gathering 
without our mascot
Bessie the cow.
Doesn't she look lovely?

it was another amazing 
Vintage Gathering
and we want to give a special
shout out to Susan Hagood
 for organizing this amazing
vintage market
and Cathy Foley
for letting us take over
her farm.

till next year!

f & her momma


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reay to go...

well, the truck is loaded 
and ready to go!

it looked like i had a ton
of stuff filling the driveway
and then we had it all loaded
in about 15 minutes and the truck
didn't feel full.

what did i forget or have 
i done this a few times that i
have it down pat?

either way i was happy to be 
able to have a relaxing afternoon
(cold beer and a nap :) )

 so, here we go...
A Vintage Gathering
or bust!

see you friday night 5p-8p
and saturday 8a-4p


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sneak Peek #3...

what vintage show would be without some
vintage kitchen?

got milk...

tea time...

what's for breakfast?

only two more days!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Vintage Gathering Sneak Peek #2...

sneak peek #2 as promised...

i love boxes, trunks, old suitcases
or anything you can hide stuff in 
or will hold things in.

with that being said, i tend not to say
no to a tool box or tackle box
which means there will be plenty this weekend
to choose from at 

then there is all the enamel wear that
is perfect in pretty much every room in the house
including the yard!


stay tune for more AVG teasers!

see you this weekend.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Sneak peek #1...

i promised a few sneak peeks before friday,
so here is peek #1...

metal, metal, metal...

this is just a very, wee, small peek at the metal
we will have. 
we <3 metal!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Vintage Gathering...

that's right in less then a week;
5 days to be exact;
we will be at

with some of the best vendors around.

here is the skinny:

friday july 27th

saturday july 28th

17414 NE 199th St.
Battleground, WA

not only will there be amazing vendors
there will be food and music.

so come out and make a night and day of it
on a beautiful farm in the country
shopping for the best vintage finds
in the country.

see you friday!


for those wondering, yes my momma will be there to!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

the loo...

there are so many rooms in a house
and we talk about them all the time
except for the bathroom; this one we
tend not to want to address.
so often people do "up" their
bathrooms in white.  don't get me
wrong i like a white loo, there is something
so fresh about a white loo but it's usually
one of the smallest rooms in the house
which means you can try anything and
if you don't like it it won't take much
to change it.
i have a pink tub in my bathroom with white
tile so what wall there was got a coat of
pink paint. it's fun and whimsical and
my mr. "O" doesn't mind. he likes the
fun of the pink.

here are a few to inspire your loo:

so try something fun or different
then you normally would and
see what happens.


Sunday, July 15, 2012


i think as we get older the farther we
get from being a kid and i don't mean
chronologically i mean there seems to
be a cultural expectations that we need
to be all "adult".
there isn't anything wrong being adult
it's a good thing but sometimes i think
we just need to get in touch with our
kid side.
have you ever noticed how much fun they
get to have.
i've been thinking maybe we need to
take a kid approach to decorating,
not to the whole space but adding  a little
whimsy to your space can bring
an unexpected surprise to a room,
add a conversational starter and make
you smile. 

next time you look around and feel
you need to change things up in your
home look for a way to add some


 a playground spring ride toy...

a animal lamp...


the perfect nap spot...


 hang your favorite dress...


what ever it is, have fun
and add what ever it is that will
make you smile everyday.


Monday, July 9, 2012

wall color...

my Mr. O has decided he wants to paint his music room.
i think it's a great idea since it's been the same color for 8 years...
a lovely English mushy pea green.
that sounds worse than it is, it's actually has a masculine elegance to it.

he's asked me my opinion (isn't that sweet, it's his room after all)
and i am going back in forth between
dark and mood or
light and airy.

we have a 1917 Arts & Crafts bungalow so the rooms
are on the smaller side but lots of windows and detail.

now imagine a room with a big leather chair (this belongs to the dogs),
mahogany bookcases and a sheet music cabinet and the piano.
in all of this is stacks and stacks of music books and sheet music.
of course a bust of beethoven sits on top of the piano overseeing it all.

now that you have a picture in your head here are a couple of examples
of wall colors i am thinking:




darker grey:

warm cream:


so what do you think?
keep in mind there is little wall and a lot of doors and windows.

love your thoughts as i am torn.